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About Us

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Our automobile purchasing service is tailored to fit the needs of consumers who place a high value on their personal time and believe there are more valuable allocations of their time than selling a used car

David Kurko, RPM Automotive Services Inc



We are a small team of automotive enthusiasts and valuation experts dedicated to bringing a full service automobile sales experience to our customers.

We believe there is a better way for you to sell a car than trade it in to a dealer, place a classified online ad or run all over town asking dealers to buy it from you.


History of RPM Auto Wholesale

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Company Information

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Milestones in Our History

RPM is Born

In 2003, we recognized a need in the marketplace to provide consumers with an alternative way to sell a used car.  RPM Auto Wholesale was launched to fill that need.  We began working locally, in the San Francisco area, reaching consumers with traditional advertising methods and developed sound procedures to process the great volume of inquiries we were receiving.

First Website Launched

Drawing on the success of our initial efforts, we launched our first website in 2004 to better serve our customers when and where they wanted to communicate with us.  We provided the first in the industry menu system on an automated vehicle submission form that allowed consumers to quickly and accurately describe the vehicle they were selling. 

Escrow.com Introduced

Recognizing a need to provide our customers with a secure transaction, we partnered with escrow.com early in 2005 to provide a secure and safe payment for every vehicle we purchased.  This need continues today and we are the only nationwide dealer offering this service.

Nationwide Service Begins

Early in 2006, we launched a new and improved website which allowed us to bring our (up until then) local service to all parts of the contiguous 48 states.  At that time, we were the first and only dealer offering a Nationwide Service for selling an unwanted vehicle quickly, safely and conveniently.

AAA Inspections Begin

Continuing our tradition of constantly improving our service to better serve our customers, in early 2007, we began working with AAA Affiliated Repair Shops across the country in order to provide a vehicle inspection that is completely transparent and local to you wherever you live.

Automated Bidding

Today’s consumer leads a busy and hectic life.  You want to be able to communicate with us whenever it is convenient for you.  Recognizing this desire lead us to develop the industry’s first automated bidding platform. Introduced in 2008, it accurately provides you with a price quote for your vehicle on your time schedule, 24/7/365.  And best of all, you still don’t have to talk with anybody to receive the quote.

Our Newest Website

Continuing with our tradition of constantly looking for ways to improve our service, our newest website, launched in 2015, is chock full of the features and conveniences that you are looking for.  Our customers told us what we could do to improve our service and again we responded.  Here you will find helpful articles about selling a vehicle and explanations of how best to use other valuation services.
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Customer Testimonial
Customer Testimonial
Customer Testimonial
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