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RPM Blog

The RPM Auto Wholesale Blog provides tips for buying and selling vehicles, humorous stories and narratives from the underbelly of the automotive industry.

How We Buy Cars

To learn how we buy cars, read about it here or click to watch the video below.


Selling a car, van, truck or SUV has never been easier. It all starts when you fill out the simple Get a Quote form. We evaluate the condition of your vehicle, look at the comps (comparable transactions) and email an offer for your vehicle within 30 minutes. And best of all, there's absolutely no need to talk to a representative. Our form is ready when you are 24/7/365. How cool is that!


Review your offer when it's convenient for you. It'll be in your inbox, ready when you are and valid for the next 3 days. Go ahead, kick the tires a bit, mull it over, talk to your significant other, shop around. Whatever it takes for you to make up your mind. When you're ready and confident that the offer makes sense for you, give us a call. That's when the magic and Customer Satisfaction begins! Read what our customers have to say about RPM


We're fairly certain that getting paid for your vehicle is the one single step that's the most important to you. We get it, really, we do! That's why we partnered with Escrow.com more than 11 years ago to process all customer payments. It doesn't get any easier or for that matter safer for you. We want you to be certain that when it's time to get paid, the funds will be there when and how you want them paid to you! Visit Escrow.com


We will make arrangements for an inspection of your vehicle at a shop close to your home or work. A thorough vehicle inspection from a AAA Approved Auto Repair Shop gives you the peace of mind that your vehicle is inspected by a trusted, independent third party! The inspection assures you that the price we have offered for your vehicle is consistent with the condition of the vehicle. Read more about this step.


When the inspection of your vehicle is completed, the inspection shop will prepare and fax to us a complete report about the condition of your vehicle. We review it and then email it to you for your approval. Shortly after we email the report to you, your personal representative from RPM will call you to discuss the condition report and confirm the purchase offer for your vehicle. Now comes the best part!


It's time to get paid and close the sale. Yippee! Send the title to Escrow.com in the prepaid FedEx envelope that was emailed to you. Escrow.com will pay you according to your payment instructions as soon as they receive the title (next day). If you do not have the title, we will guide you toward quickly completing the sale. Here are some examples of closing your sale when you do not have the title.

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