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Funny Things People Tell Us About Their Cars

Life serves up a steady stream of humor.  It's there for the taking if you look for it.  For the past 13 years, I have found a mixed bag oh humor in the thousands of emails and comments customers have sent me about their cars.  Most were looking for a way to put a positive spin on a bad situation, to make their vehicle sound more attractive.

I kept some of the best to share.

Getting Things Mixed Up

  • Radiator Leaks.  Need Thermalstat.
  • It needs a transmission, although the York converter was replaced 2 years ago.
  • Toga switch next to brake on driver's side to turn fan off & on.
  • Paint looks dull on hood.  Could be buffered out.
  • The front wheel suspenders need to be worked on.
  • Glove department missing a screw.
  • Small puncher hole in bumber where I bumped a eagles nose.
  • Wear in tear on driver seat.
  • Muffle looks to be loose.
  • The radiator light turns on.  We think there might be a leak in the gas tank.
  • I think I have a crack head.
  • Car runs great.  It only has a broken hang brake.
  • Car has had new brakes and tire rods.
  • Car still derivable.
  • Starts & runs great but grogs down at 15 mph.
  • Passenger doors a little hard to close due to backbone not being used too much.

It's a Great Car but......

  • Snapped the head off a bolt changing the thermostat....other than that no problems.
  • Sometimes it will skip out of gear and be in neutral......other than that it's a great car.
  • Exterior is great.......just needs paint.  Has paint to go with it.
  • Engine making loud knocking noise.  Needs new engine.  Everything else works fine.
  • Even though there is body damage, everything else is fine.
  • Good car.  Just needs fuel pump.
  • The car runs great.  It just needs a new 4x4 because of all the snow here.
  • The car is in great shape but I am tired of messing with it.  You have to jiggle the key a little to start it and now it has a crack in the intake gasket.
  • No longer holds all the car seats.  But it is still my favorite car.
  • This car is a one of a kind.  All body parts except roof are new.
  • Car was put up for winter with 4 new tires.  Snowstorm caused branch to fall on it 3 days after insurance was taken off.  Still a great car.
  • Car does run but due to motor, the antifreeze leaks and so does the oil.  But on the outside it looks like a gem.
  • The car runs...if you get a jump start.
  • The hood needs to be painted the same color as the rest of the car.  Other than that........
  • We had it for a couple months then the transmission went out.  Otherwise it's a great vehicle.
  • Car in great shape when you consider its age.
  • There was saltwater up to the dash and now it won't start but it still looks brand new.
  • Car in good shape..... except the front end is crumpled.  Will not start but rolls just fine.
  • Car is in great shape with AC and transmission.  Really a good car.  Obviously needs new engine, struts, tires and oil pump.
  • Car is in really good shape.  Just won't start now.
  • Everything works on the car perfectly.  Unfortunately the timing belt had to bust.
  • We had the air fixed and the radiator replaced.Then the domino effect caused the transmission to go out and now the engine won't crank.
  • Car is in excellent condition....except for the transmission.
  • Cadillac in great shape.  Just needs a motor.

It's not my fault....No, really

  • Car slid into a pole when there was an ice storm.
  • A deer jumped right in front of me and hit the front bumper and hood.
  • Car runs great.  Salvage title from previous owner.
  • Mother-in-law car.  Low miles, well kept. Insurance company branded the title but did the repairs right.
  • Don't have a title. Fiancé gave it to me.  But then he ended up in jail.
  • Car went to the car wash and hit the side lower board.
  • Car hydroplaned when it hit a puddle.  Now it needs a bunch of stuff.
  • Car got parked in a no parking zone then a garbage truck ran it down.
  • Car dealer said someone put bondo on the car and a magnet would fall off.  I don't know who would do that to a car.
  • Minor dings.  The car ran over the owner.
  • Fender dented from a hit and run accident when I was not in the vehicle.
  • The car was running great but then it overheated.

Automobiles as Anthropomorphized  Objects

  • You will fall in love with this car as soon as you drive it.  She will treat you right, as long as you are good to her.
  • This baby has tons of upgrades.  She's a sweetheart.
  • Great running car.  She has never let me down.
  • Had the car for 3 years.  She never gave me a problem.
  • She's been a good little car.  It's just that she's old now and ready to pass away.
  • This car is still due for payments every month.
  • Car is still in a loan relationship with the bank.
  • She looks really good for her age.
  • She needs a minor muffler repair.
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