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Human hand gives a thumbs up to RPM Customer Testimonials

There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.

Sam Walton



We get it.  We really do. We have always worked very hard to keep our customers satisfied and we will work just as hard to make your experience with us as pleasant as possible.

This page represents some of the feedback that a small fraction of our satisfied customers have given us over the years.  We thank them graciously for taking the time out of their busy lives to tell us what they think!

Company Information

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    About Us Learn more about our company. How we got our start and what motivates us to get better.

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    Contact Us Have questions? Want to know how to get in touch with us? This is the right place for that.

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    Inspection Shops Learn more about the shops we work with to inspect our customer's vehicles.

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Here's What They're Saying

  • California License Plate

    "Thank you so much for your unwavering professionalism and attention to detail. Your positive attitude made the situation much easier for me." (L)

    Kate R., Walnut Creek, CA
  • Texas License Plate

    "Outstanding professionalism and service in today's cyber world where it seems that many companies have a "wham bam thank you mam" approach to business. David your a diamond in the rough,who practices from the old school. My hat is off to you SIR!!!" (E)

    Jay T., McKinney, TX
  • Colorado License Plate

    "Thank you for your kindness.  You are the angel I prayed for." (E)

    Barbara H., Thornton, CO
  • Missouri License Plate

    "I got a new van and it's exactly what I wanted. I owe that in great part to you. Every other time I've tried to make a deal for a van, I just couldn't move my pick-up in a timely manner. You're a true professional like the kind of men I grew up around back in the day.  There are too few like you still around. I know I don't have to wish you luck, your integrity and customer care will see you through and take you to the top in business" (E)

    Howard & Melanie M., Waynesville, MO
  • Michigan License Plate

    "..am blown away by how easy this has been...will try to believe in easter bunny next." (E)

    Mike J., Waterford, MI
  • New Hampshire License Plate

    "Thanks again for all your assistance.  I would highly recommend your company to anyone else." (E)

    Jim Y., Nashua, NH
  • Florida License Plate

    "A+. You did a very good job. We are happy this is the first time we sell something in the Internet. We are buying things all the time but never selling." (E)

    Ben M., Ocala, FL
  • North Dakota License Plate

    "I appreciate the excellent way this transaction has been handled. I would recommend this service to anyone and will certainly pass on the positive comments to my friends." (E)

    Richard E., Fargo, ND
  • Arkansas License Plate

    "Within hours I received an email from David with an offer I was happy with. Ive tried a few other websites and they were all less than half his offer. This was the easiest hassle free sale I have ever done. No adds, no showing to many people, no heavy negotiating. Within days our deal was done! " (Y)

    Nancy G., Alpena, AR
  • California License Plate

    "It was a pleasure doing business with you, and I have been telling my friends how easy and fair you were to work with." (E)

    Benjamin S., San Francisco, CA
  • Pennsylvania License Plate

    "I recently sold a car here and Dave was great. He was quick and nice in settling and everything went off without a hitch. I strongly recommend this group." (M)

    Beverly C., Lewis Run, PA
  • Arizona License Plate

    "Thank you for your time and patience during the purchase of my truck. I left a 5 star review on your google places page and would highly recommend you to people I know." (E)

    Paul H., Phoenix, AZ
  •  Florida License Plate

    "Not one problem throughout the whole transaction and questions that I had were answered the same day. Also the price quoted was the amount I received. I would use them again." (E)

    Jeff A., Lakeland, FL
  • Massachusetts License Plate

    "I really appreciated your professionalism." (E)

    Ralph C., Andover, MA
  • Florida License Plate

    "Dealing with them was a breeze and Dave and his staff were up front, honest, friendly and easy to communicate with. They held to their promise. The entire transaction was completed within a few short days. RPM Auto Wholesale made selling my vehicle a most pleasant experience." (E)

    Kay Lynn C., Tallahassee, FL
  • Oregon License Plate

    "Thanks for making this an easy process. You have been a pleasure to deal with and we are really happy with the whole process." (E)

    Terri & Lorenzo L., Portland, OR
  • Washington License Plate

    "The escrow service is an easy no hassle system explains all the details of the transaction and leaves nothing a mystery. The price he offers is the price you get at the end, no hidden fees." (G)

    Jonathan M., Port Orchard, WA
  • Iowa License Plate

    "I wanted to tell you that I appreciated doing business with someone who is what he says he is. It is refreshing to encounter someone who still has integrity. Nowadays this is a very rare occurrence, indeed." (E)

    James E., Bouton, IA
  • Minnesota License Plate

    "Thank you for the great service.  This has been a smooth transaction." (E)

    Jack L., Burnsville, MN
  • Virginia License Plate

    "RPM is a easy company to deal with and very professional. A fast and easy process in selling your car and a very honest company." (E)

    Chris C., Falls Church, VA
  • New Jersey License Plate

    "I am in New Jersey and located them on the Internet. Very Easy transaction and would recommend them to others." (M)

    Edward M., Old Bridge, NJ
  • Florida License Plate

    "The service is honest, trustworthy with no bs. Everything was easy to do and I would use RPM again. Thanks for you doing what was needed even when I forgot to sign some of the papers, good fortune. Dave you are a gentleman." (E)

    Robert G., The Villages, FL
  • Illinois License Plate

    "Mike & I wanted to thank you for your kindness and understanding that you showed us. It was a pleasure for us." (E)

    Mike & Judy C., Fithian, IL
  • Pennsylvania License Plate

    "Thanks for taking care of this transaction. It was nice doing business with you and your company." (E)

    John W., Baden, PA
  • Arkansas License Plate

    "Good doing business with you." (E)

    Fred H., Bella Vista, AR
  • California License Plate

    "Thank You for purchasing the vehicle and maybe even more importantly Thank You for making the process relatively easy. It is a pleasure to work with someone who has an established, effective process and orchestrates it so knowledgeably." (E)

    Mindy M., Redding, CA
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About Testimonials

All testimonials are unsolicited comments from real customers. They were either sent to us by personal letter or email, or found on popular review sites. Some testimonials have been edited for brevity or to preserve the confidentiality of our customer's personal information.

Each testimonial ends with a letter in parenthesis to indicate the source of the testimonial with the following abbreviations; (L) Personal Letter, (E) Personal Email, (G) Google+, (Y) Yelp, (M) Miscellaneous Other Review Sites.

All personal correspondence is available for you to review in our offices during normal business hours or you may visit a review site on the internet to read a testimonial in its' entirety.

We hope you will find your experience with our service at least as pleasant as the customers listed here.

More of What They're Saying

  • Florida License Plate

    "...professional and honest. He explained every detail and the transaction was done in just a matter of a couple of days. Everything went according to how he explained it. I would recommend if you are selling your vehicle to use RPM Auto Wholesale." (Y)

    Liz D., Wellington, FL
  • California License Plate

    "..this has been really win-win situation! You do the business on the highest level and we've been so fortune that we did it with you! ..we are thanking you for being so nice and professional!!!" (E)

    Elmir G., Hayward, CA
  • Connecticut License Plate

    "Thanks for the wonderful service. Thanks again for all your help. Its nice doing busniess with great people like you, you people are fair and by the book very refreshing." (E)

    Adam B., Oakdale, CT
  • Colorado License Plate

    "..was hesitant about the process but it is was smooth and painless...the process was quick and efficient. Totally Satisfied." (G)

    Timothy M., Colorado Springs, CO
  • Massachusetts License Plate

    "Thanks and a pleasure doing business with you." (E)

    Michael D., Attleboro, MA
  • New York License Plate

    "..a pleasure to work with: open and honest about his process, timely in his response to inquiries, and friendly and pleasant to talk to. If you want to sell a car, don't have the time to market it and respond to tire kickers and looky-loos, I recommend RPM very highly." (G)

    Robert L., Cohoes, NY
  • North Carolina License Plate

    "Many thanks to you and Dave for helping us with the sale of our van." (E)

    John S., Cary, NC
  • Florida License Plate

    "I would like to thank you for making the sale of my car a painless and simple process. The staff was courteous and informative whch made me feel comfortable about the deal." (E)

    William K., Miami Beach, FL
  • California License Plate

    "Thanks for making a difficult process very smooth and relatively painless. I appreciate the extra effort taken to explain the process to me." (E)

    David E., Sunnyvale, CA
  • Texas License Plate

    "I was very impressed with this company. It went like clock work with no Bumps on the way. It is sad in todays business world that SERVICE seems to be forgotten,except at RPM. But thanks to DAVID he hasn't forgotten that service is a big part of the business world." (G)

    Arminda T., McKinney, TX
  • Arizona License Plate

    "Thank you for all your kind help in buying my car." (L)

    Derrick A., Goodyear, AZ
  • Florida License Plate

    "My contacting RPM was part of liquidating an estate; they were helpful, supportive and went out of their way to make the process simple and convenient to me. I find it difficult to be trusting of business done over the net and phone but RPM was making me a believer... so much so, maybe I was wrong about the Easter Bunny. You may find other avenues that get you a higher price; but you won't find a better one that makes it simple and fair." (G)

    Sylvia K., Boca Raton, FL
  • California License Plate

    "It was a pleasure doing business with you." (E)

    Senaka H., Wilmington, CA
  • Florida License Plate

    "Thank you for making this transaction extremely smooth and easy. The service you've provided was outstanding." (E)

    Gary B., Destin Beach, FL
  • California License Plate

    "I need to sell a toyota tacoma truck and I don't want to deal with all the craigslist freaks. The guy gave me the price he quoted me Truck sold.." (Y)

    Sarah M., San Francisco, CA
  • Arizona License Plate

    "Thanks for making this easy." (E)

    Steve R., Sierra Vista, AZ
  • Massachusetts License Plate

    "Thank you and I will happily refer my friends and family to your business." (E)

    Donna F., Holbrook, MA
  • California License Plate

    "Everything went smoothly. It was a pleasure doing business with you." (E)

    Brian F., San Bruno, CA
  • Virginia License Plate

    "I had my vehicle in a public place for a month with only modest interest. I contacted David and RPM wholesale. I got a quick quote and reached agreement on a deal with minutes. David was great to guide me along the rest of the process and also true to his word in every step of the process." (G)

    Brian H., Staunton, VA
  • California License Plate

    "I had dmv problems...they informed me...how to fix them. USE THIS COMPANY if you want cash for your vehicle, they dont play games and they make everything clear and simple." (Y)

    Alan B., Selma, CA
  • Massachusetts License Plate

    "Thank you very much, it was a pleasure doing business with you, and I plan on referring anyone I know to your company in the future." (E)

    Michelle R., Worcester, MA
  • California License Plate

    "...want to thank you for such an easy and pain-free transaction.  The sale was fast and friendly." (E)

    Jacob M., San Francisco, CA
  • Maine License Plate

    "I am just another satisfied customer coming back." (E)

    Laz S., South Portland, ME
  • California License Plate

    "Not only was I treated with kindness and professionalism, but also with the knowledge that all bases were covered in the proper DMV transactions." (E)

    Yvonne S., Martinez, CA
  • Utah License Plate

    "I was able to quickly and easily sell my car" (Y)

    Andrew J., Salt Lake City, UT

More Testimonials From Our Customers

  • New York License Plate

    "Thank you very much for all you have done for me regarding the selling of my Mustang. You made the transaction easy, fast and convenient for me. You were very Professional and I was impressed with the way you explained everything to me." (E)

    Frank L., Oyster Bay, NY
  • Alabama License Plate

    "Thanks for making this a smooth transaction." (E)

    Lee S., Mobile, AL
  • DC License Plate

    "From the start, you guys were honest, frank, and easy to deal with. I was able to complete the entire transaction including getting the car to you (at no expense to me) from my desk. It could not have been simpler. I certainly didn't expect the easiest, most honest transaction I've ever had in selling a car. You guys are wonderful to do business with." (L)

    Philip L., Washington, DC
  • Mississippi License Plate

    "I thank you very much for the excellent service that you provided. I received a fair price for my Jeep Commander and I am presently surprised when I take into consideration that we are over 2,000 miles apart in distance. More people need to know about your business and I will not hesitate to recommend you." (E)

    Marje D., Biloxi, MS
  • Michigan License Plate

    ".. made me a nice offer and easy transaction.. Thank you for being patient with me. Thank you again for your professionalism." (G)

    Tony L., Sterling Heights, MI
  • California License Plate

    "Thanks again for the easy process." (E)

    Rob H., Orinda, CA
  • Michigan License Plate

    "I was impressed with the turnaround time and the detailed information provided to help me move my truck." (E)

    Paul M., Haslett, MI
  • New Hampshire License Plate

    "I've bought and sold many cars in my life but I have to say I appreciate your professionalism and the ease of the transaction! I would highly recommend you to friends & family in the future." (E)

    Natalie W., Allenstown, NH
  • Ohio License Plate

    "Just a quick note to tell you that you were great with my mom. As you could probably sense, she wound up being pretty comfortable with the whole idea. This is, bar none, the easiest way to sell your car. ..gave us a very fair price for our vehicle, and made the entire transaction enjoyable. I would highly recommend RPM for making what could have been a very difficult and time-consuming experience, a veritable piece of cake." (E)

    Barbara H., Cincinnati, OH
  • Alabama License Plate

    "Thank you for making this transaction so easy. No posting an ad and waiting for calls.  No waiting for people who call and never show up. No inviting people I don't know onto my property. Avoiding all of that and getting a fair price and an easy process. Pretty great!" (E)

    Eva A., Troy, AL
  • Illinois License Plate

    "Things have gone very smoothly. It was a pleasure working with you." (E)

    Lou Ann B., Rockford, IL
  • Washington License Plate

    "WUHOO!! Thank you for a smooth transaction Dave." (E)

    Lisa C., Seattle, WA
  • California License Plate

    "They offered us a fair deal, very professional and friendly. I would use them again." (Y)

    Allison M., Bakersfield, CA
  • Nevada License Plate

    "...so nice and helped me get through the sale." (G)

    Virginia K., Las Vegas, NV
  • Indiana License Plate

    "I wanted to thank you for the expedience and professionalism that this was handled." (E)

    Andrew A., Avon, IN
  • Maine License Plate

    "I appreciate the ease of the transaction." (E)

    Lorraine M., Cape Elizabeth, ME
  • Connecticut License Plate

    "...wanted to thank you for the way you do business. I am now a walking advertisement for your company." (E)

    Karen B., Trumbull, CT
  • New York License Plate

    "..these guys are great! ..very fast and professional service! A REAL PLEASURE!" (Y)

    Richard S., Earlton, NY
  • Pennsylvania License Plate

    "This company makes the process fairly simple All the monies go through an escrow company so I felt it was safe." (M)

    J. Robert B., Wallingford, PA
  • Missouri License Plate

    "We live in Branson West, Missouri and dealing with Dave at RPM was a like having all the big city benefits and professionalism combined with country honesty and integrity. The price set for my vehicle was fair and unlike other companies, did not change as the transaction proceeded. Everything was exactly as promised out front and in the open. ..the whole process was explained to me completely and thoroughly and the actual transaction followed exactly as promised. One e-mail to RPM and without much effort at all the check was in the bank within days - JUST AS PROMISED!" (G)

    Michael B., Branson West, MO
  • Washington License Plate

    "It was a pleasure working with you!" (E)

    Scott F., Issaquah, WA
  • California License Plate

    "I appreciate how easy this whole process has been!!" (E)

    Erin P., San Francisco, CA
  • Tennessee License Plate

    "I was skeptical as to transacting via the internet, and was pleasantly surprised. Thanks, again, for such a smoothe transaction." (E)

    Veronique S., Powell, TN
  • Illinois License Plate

    "..your offer was competitive with Carmax and other car dealer...you did seem to be most honest in explaining how you arrived at your offer...you are to be commended for the forthright way you conduct your business and I have no problem refering people to you." (E)

    John B., Grayslake, IL