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Why Sell us Your Used Car

Two human faces representing questions consumers have about choosing a dealer to buy their car

I find it difficult to be trusting of business done over the net and phone but RPM was making me a believer... so much so, maybe I was wrong about the Easter Bunny.

Sylvia K., Boca Raton, FL (customer)





You're busy. We get it. Our easy car selling process simplifies your hectic life. And with over 5,000 nationwide locations to drop off your vehicle, it's local and convenient too!

Add in the security of a nationally known payment service like Escrow.com and the safety of working with an established leader like RPM Auto Wholesale.  You've found the perfect solution to sell an unwanted vehicle!

Quickly Get Back to the Life You Enjoy!

5 Reasons

Meet Us at the Corners of Fast & Easy, Safe & Secure

Street sign on lamp post at the intersection of fast, easy, safe and secure

And did we mention Local too?

We pioneered the concept of using the internet, our vast network of inspection facilities, and evaluation software to give thousands of consumers a quick and fair price when selling a used automobile. Nobody can offer you a simpler, safer and quicker sale of your used car.

If you value your time, you will benefit from our service.

Don't Waste Another Day:
  • Trying to trade your vehicle to a dealer
  • Advertising your car with online classifieds
  • Shopping your car all over town
  • Postponing quality time with your family
  • Allowing shady vendors to promise you the moon

  • Get a Quote to Sell Your Car Today

    red needle

    Easy Transaction

    Dart thrown at target emphasizing our goal to keep it simple

    Be amazed with our simple sales process to sell your car. Request a price quote, review your quote over the phone with one of our buyers, deliver your vehicle to a local inspection facility and quickly get back to the life you enjoy.

    If you find yourself:
  • Dreading the games dealers play when buying your car
  • Wishing to avoid the aggravation of a private party sale
  • Wanting to avoid a tedious sales process
  • Dreaming of a simpler sales transaction
  • Hoping for a fair deal for your used car

  • Get a Quote to Sell Your Car Today

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    Local Transaction

    Mechanic's wrench inside a map icon to emphasize a local transaction

    Our service is local. In fact, it's right around the corner from where you live and work. With over 5,000 locations nationwide to drop off your vehicle, we can get you back to the life you enjoy....PDQ...and that means FAST!

    If you find yourself:
  • Looking for a simple way to sell your car
  • Hoping for an easy transaction
  • Preferring to work through a local business
  • Wanting to avoid aggravation
  • Expecting an experienced car buyer

  • Get a Quote to Sell Your Car Today

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    Secure Transaction

    Padlock inside of a shield illustrates a secure process

    Relax knowing your payment is guaranteed. Payment for your car is handled by our payment processing partner, Escrow.com, who acts as a trusted third party to the transaction. Escrow.com collects, holds and disburses payment according to the Buyer and Seller instructions.

    If you find yourself:
  • Worrying about fraudulent transactions
  • Wondering if you can trust the buyer of your vehicle
  • Wishing for a secure payment process
  • Hoping for a guaranteed settlement
  • Wanting a simpler sales transaction

  • Get a Quote to Sell Your Car Today

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    Safe Transaction

    Ship's life ring on a wall

    Why expose yourself to the personal safety risks of a private party sale or a here today gone tomorrow car buyer? Be confident in choosing an established and experienced company to buy your used car today.

    If you find yourself:
  • Worrying about exposing yourself to criminals
  • Fretting about dealing with shady operators
  • Concerned for your family's safety and well being
  • Wishing there was an easier way to find a buyer for your vehicle
  • Wanting to avoid internet scams

  • Get a Quote to Sell Your Car Today

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    Fast Transaction

    Lightning bolt signifies speed of transaction

    Why spend your time selling a car on your own when someone will do it for you? We buy and sell cars every day. We'll buy your vehicle PDQ..and that means FAST. Quickly get back to the life you enjoy

    If you find yourself feeling:
  • Rushed with no time for a DIY sale
  • Dealers are low-balling you on your current vehicle
  • Want to negotiate a new car purchase without a trade-in
  • Would rather shop for a new car from the internet without visiting the dealer
  • Need to quickly purchase a car before a rebate or special financing expires

  • Get a Quote to Sell Your Car Today

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    Services Information

    • Mid-sized sedan representing types of cars we buy
      We Buy CarsThe Original Nationwide Car Buyers. Buying cars from coast to coast since 2003!

    • Pegged Tachometer representing speedy Used Car Pricing Tool
      Used Car Pricing Tools Looking for a ballpark price on a used car? Check out this easy to use, free tool!

    • Human face designed with numbers representing all inclusive vehicle purchasing service
      Who Sells Us Cars Looking for a better way to sell a car? Get a quote! Take this job off your to-do list!

    • Clickable arrow to get started selling your car today
      Get a Quote Get started with an offer now! Safe, Convenient Process. Save time!

    5 Reasons to Sell us a Car



    Be amazed with a simple sales process.



    Save time with a local inspection.



    Relax knowing your payment is guaranteed.



    Be confident choosing an established leader.



    Quickly get back to the life you enjoy.

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